Copy Checker

Why Do You Need Copy Checking?

original workPlagiarism is something that must always be avoided within your writing. It is using someone else’s words or ideas and trying to pass them off as your own. While some will do this blatantly by copying part or even a whole essay online, many will do it purely by mistake when using many different sources to aid their writing. Our writing should always be wholly our own and even when we use other writers words they should be written in our style but still credited back to the original author through a citation.

A copy checker can help us to identify where we have failed to change another’s words or where we have failed to make a citation for a quotation that we have used. This is very important as being accused of plagiarism can get you in some serious trouble. Blatant plagiarism could easily see you removed from your studies.

Our plagiarism checking tool provides you with a quick and easy way of checking your writing for any form of copying. This ensures that you avoid any issues with your writing, especially when so many teachers and tutors now use copy checking software of their own. Submitting original writing that is purely your own shows your own mastery of your subject areas as well as avoiding any problems.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Own Writing

copied textThere are several reasons for ending up with copied text within your own writing; it is rare that you will on your own replicate something that has already been written unless you have recently read it. The following are some of the reasons and how you can avoid the issue:

  • Copying a block of text into your paper and forgetting to go back and change it; often when doing research we will find something that we will want to use and will copy the original block of writing into our own paper. Forgetting to go back and change it, however, will result in plagiarism. When copying something to rewrite always copy in a different color so that you will not forget that it is a copy.
  • Failing to make a paraphrase original; we will often paraphrase another’s writing, especially when doing research. However, if we do not make the wording totally different then it would still be considered plagiarism. Always use citations when you paraphrase another author’s work and double check that your wording is totally different to the original.
  • Not providing a citation for a quotation; we may at times want to use the original text. In this case, it should be enclosed within inverted commas and the proper citation made. The same is true if we repeat any chunks of text within a paraphrase as this should also be enclosed in quotation marks. Take great care to avoid this issue with your writing.

By using our plagiarism check online you will be able to identify any possible plagiarism within your writing and take the necessary steps to correct it. Either by careful rewriting or by the addition of quotation marks and a relevant correctly formatted citation. It is very easy when doing a large amount of research to forget to make citations or change text sufficiently.

How to Use Our Plagiarism Check Tool

academic dishonestyOnline plagiarism checking with our online tool is very simple. For your essay copy check just simply copy and then paste your text into the box provided within the tool. Complete the security check and the software will compare the writing to other writing elsewhere on the internet. The tool will in just a few seconds provide you with a full check highlighting any text that it believes to be copied and where it believes you have copied it from. Our plagiarism check online allows you to quickly identify any potential copied text and to take the appropriate action to prevent any issues before you submit your work.

Avoid Any Issues with Plagiarism through Our Text Copy Check

copyright infringementOur easy to use plagiarism check online ensures that you will never have to take any risks with your writing. Its quick and simple to use operation means that you really can ensure that you will only submit work that is unique to you and that contains the correct citations when you do use other’s writing and ideas.
Submitting plagiarized work can get you in serious trouble, but work that is well written and that contains perfectly cited and presented quotations and paraphrases will only help to enhance your grades. Out tool can be used across all subject areas and at any level of your education. It will help you to avoid all of the potential errors that you can make with your writing and boost your own confidence with your writing.

Ensure that you always submit unique work with perfectly cited references through the use of our free and easy to use copy checker!