Copy and Paste Plagiarism Checker: Simple Steps to Your Original Writing

The copy and paste plagiarism checker scans your texts and detects plagiarism.  It is a useful tool for paper originality check to consider, whether you’re a professional or a student. It helps you get rid of plagiarism in your essays and reports. No matter which industry you belong, it also helps you build your credibility and gain the trust of your readers for submitting or publishing original copies.

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How to Use Copy Paste Plagiarism Checker

The copy plagiarism checker is very easy to use.  In fact, you can use it right away when you visit the site. All you have to do is to copy and paste your text into the box allotted for plagiarism checking tool. You can then just click on the button to check your text. In a few seconds, you will get the results from the tool for free plagiarism checker copy and paste.

You will be redirected to the page where to find the report. It also includes a report on your grammar and writing style. To check for the full report, you must create an account. Doing so, you can take advantage of the features offered by the site.

The tool also works as a grammar corrector. It shows you mistakes you made on grammar, word choice, sentence structure, and other English writing mistakes. So you can use it to improve your writing, even if you’re already using a paraphrasing tool.

Comparing Our Tool to Check Copy for Plagiarism

Our tool instantly checks text without any CAPTCHA codes needed. It does not need to verify if you’re a robot or not.   It also makes an instant plagiarism check for stolen thoughts. The tool isn’t only a duplicate checker but also a grammar helper. PLAGIARISMA is only a plagiarism checker but ours is also a grammar checker. In that case, you can also improve your writing skills and style.

Steps to Using Our Plagiarism Checking Tool

The following are the easy steps on how to use our plagiarism tool.    Follow them and check copy for plagiarism to submit an original essay or publish a unique blog.  The checker can trace a plagiarized copy of your text online.

  • Just visit CopyChecker.net.
  • Paste your text into the box.
  • Click the button to check the text.
  • Get results.

You can also see grammar mistakes. The tool is 2-in-1. It can also detect spelling, punctuation, writing style and other mistakes.

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Plagiarism Checking Tool: 10 Tips from the Expert

  1. Once you have completed your essay, look into the sections that you have borrowed from the source and review them. Think if you have expressed the argument or idea as your own. Also, consider if you have used your own words.  The work must be credited from the author if the ideas were expressed in the author’s words.(Source)
  2. Rely only on authoritative sources to avoid plagiarism.
  3. Check if your sources are authoritative voices in their fields.(Source)
  4. Use the quote as it appears in the text. Don’t misquote your source.
  5. Cite the quotes. Add page number or paragraph number for web content.
  6. Cite your material to avoid self-plagiarism.(Source)
  7. If you’re using endnote references, the citation must be also found within your essay’s text. It must be the same as footnote citations.  Add a bibliography, reference page or works cited page after the endnotes, unless otherwise instructed.(Source)
  8. Use a citation or quotation marks when you used the exact words of another author even if it is only a short phrase you’ve used.
  9. Paraphrase. Aside from learning how to check copy for plagiarism, you should learn to paraphrase or rewrite the ideas of another in your own words.
  10. Acknowledge sources of which you have borrowed ideas.(Source)

In order to perform a paper originality check, you should learn from these tips for the best results. Learn how to use the paper checker and tips from the pros on how to avoid plagiarism.

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