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The document similarity checker is a useful instant checking tool that guarantees the original content, essays, blogs, marketing materials, and brochures, among other written documents. It is easy and fast to use. In fact, you don’t have to install or download it before you can start using it. The tool can benefit anyone looking to submit or publish unique and great papers and documents. The text originality checker gives you a quick glance in areas that you potentially copied in other places on the web. Learn more about it by reading this guide below.

How Document Plagiarism Checker Online Free Can Help

To do an essay copy check with our tool is convenient. It can scan your content or text instantly without downloading or installing it on your PC or mobile device. The tool is a quick checker that lets you detect any plagiarism issues in your essay, report, marketing documents and presentations. By checking, you can ensure that you’re not violating copyright laws.

For students, you can always submit unique essays by running them in the tool to check originality of document. So before turning in the homework, you can ensure that you’re not plagiarizing or copying someone else’s work. The tool also reports on areas where you have forgotten to quote and cite the sources.

Bloggers, writers, and authors can improve their credibility and develop better writing skills using the tool. It checks for unique writing to ensure you’re not publishing copied content or books. That’s not all. It also scans your text for grammar errors that you might have failed to check.

Website marketers, owners, and administrators can prevent their site from being penalized by Google and other search engines for publishing copied content. They can easily check their blogs, articles and web pages for plagiarism using the checker that scans them accurately. With the plagiarism document checker free online, they can also avoid troubles on copyright laws. They can also prevent their sites from being flagged as a spam or a copyright violator. With that said, using the checker does not only ensure original content but also improved reputation on the web.

How the Document Originality Checker Works

The tool prevents you from using stolen thoughts in your essays, blogs, articles, sales pages, website content, marketing documents, brochures, and speeches. It can get rid of those plagiarism issues and give you time in improving your content before submitting or publishing it. The tool is ideal for anyone looking to submit original written documents. It does not also require downloading or installing on a PC or device because it is browser-based. It can be used instantly by just visiting the site. Here are the steps on how to use it.

  1. Go to CopyChecker.net
  2. Copy and paste text or type it directly in the box provided for it.
  3. Scan the text by pressing the button “Check your text.”
  4. When done, you will be redirected to the report page. It provides you with a quick glance at the results, which include grammar and plagiarism. The check marks indicate you did a good job in that area. A red one indicates a problem that you should fix. To view the full report, you need to create an account.


  • Easy to use: Just paste text or type it directly in the box. Scan and wait for the results.
  • Free: You don’t need to make a monthly payment using it. Use it unlimitedly on all your written documents and ensure their uniqueness.
  • No installation- You don’t have to download or install it on your computer before using it.
  • Instant grammar check: The tool also checks the text for grammar and style mistakes.


  • Signup is required to see full report

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Tips from Experts

To prevent plagiarism, use the following tips when writing your essay, and then later scan your text using the document similarity check.

You can add adjectives and adverbs in smart ideas from other people. This will help you prevent plagiarism. You can also change the word order, and come up with a new version of the text. (Source)

If you’re using “parenthetical references,” put a short reference but must be inside parentheses right after the citation. Then, you need to list the sources you used in the works cited, bibliography or reference page at your paper’s last page.(Source)

When summarizing, be sure to refer to the source of the idea. In paraphrasing, the same must be done. Lastly, use the author’s words when quoting.(Source)

To prevent plagiarism Mona Chalabi says:
“Change the order of the words a bit. This one is easy peasy. Instead of saying “the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them” say “limit your willingness to work – it is your strength and achievement”.

Follow these expert tips to prevent plagiarism and use this guide teaches you how to use our document originality, checker.

Make sure your paper is original! Use our document similarity checker today!