Use or Not to Use Duplicate Checker?

According to Dictionary.com, a duplicate is a noun that refers to a copy that looks exactly like the original. Publishing a duplicate on your website or turning in a duplicate assignment won’t help. You should not publish or send the work of someone else.  Learn how to write on your own – with your own wording and style. Now to help you get rid of duplication issues, use a duplicate checker. It is a free copy and paste checker that works in an instant without download or installation. Using the tool, you can be sure of turning in or publishing an original piece.

How Copy Checker Can Help and How It Works

The free duplicate content checker free helps you avoid submitting a duplicate. Duplicate is two written documents, which are substantially alike, according to The Law Dictionary. By using this tool, you can be sure that you’re going to submit or publish an original content. It gets rid of plagiarism in your work, including an essay, report, or research paper. How does it work?

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Using it is easy. All you need to do is to copy and paste content into the box provided for checking and then clicking the button “Check your text.” The copy checker will then scan your text for duplication issues. Some of these may include quotes that you didn’t cite or paraphrased text that you didn’t do properly. The checker will help you come out with an original writing of which you will be proud.


  • Free: The tool is free to use, no matter how long or how many times you’d use it.
  • No download: You can start using it by visiting the site, and copying and pasting or typing your text on the box to start the checking without installing it.
  • No membership – You don’t need to sign up for a subscription using the tool. In that case, there is no monthly payment to take care of too.


  • It is not 100% reliable: Tools have glitches. This one isn’t different. You should not rely on it totally. You still have to practice original writing skills.
  • It may not be able to check for duplication on offline content: The tool can only check materials online. Thus, the duplicate word checker may not be able to detect plagiarism of offline content, including research papers and journals in your library catalog.

Plagiarism Detection: Tips from the Experts

The duplicate content checker tool online is useful. However, students and professionals who want to avoid issues of plagiarism and cheating must still practice sound judgment, use citation and write using his or her words to prevent the problem. The following are tips from the pros on how to avoid plagiarism.


Aside from using the duplicate content tool checker, teachers can also teach students on how to cite properly through examples. They should give students a lecture on when and how to credit another person or people’s work in their essays.

Additionally, teachers should provide original assignments to their students. For example, giving them multiple part homework may reduce plagiarism. They must also require rough drafts from students. Teachers should ask students to send preliminary drafts to discourage them from plagiarizing.


Learn how to paraphrase. It requires putting ideas from a sentence, paragraph or passage into one’s own words, while including main ideas from the paper. Paraphrasing does not only prevent plagiarism, but it also translates tech materials into a more understandable language for the lay audience.

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According to the source, referencing is one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism. The easiest way to do it is to have works cited page or a reference page of the research paper. Each reference must have author/s name, publication date, source, and title.

plagiarism detection

Quote from an Expert

Vicki Krueger said, “Attribute the information. For any secondary source (a fact, a quote, etc.), give credit to the source, preferably with a link to the original material. This goes for photos, audio, video, and graphics, too.” (Updated August 4, 2016)

The online duplicate content checker is a helpful student, professional and teaching tool. It eliminates plagiarism, teaches students to write original essays and preserves reputation of writers. Learn how to use it and prevent copyright laws violation and submit an original assignment.

Avoid plagiarism. Start using our duplicate checker today!