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Our text originality checker ensures that you’re using unique content for your blog or website. It also helps students submit original essays and assignments to their professors. Teachers and instructors also ensure that their students submit original assignments. SEO people and marketing professionals also achieve peace of mind of using only unique content for their site to improve its rankings. Bloggers and authors can also build trust among their readers and ensure they don’t face plagiarism issues.  See how to be original with our website duplicate content checker.

How Our Text Similarity Checker Helps

The duplicate text checker ensures of unique writing. Why do you need it?   The tool easily and quickly scans your text to guarantee that you don’t copy or plagiarize essays and other written documents. The tool is ideal for everyone looking to come up with unique and stellar papers, including reports, blogs, articles, and presentations. It also helps them gain the trust of their readers, eventually improving their credibility.

Website owners that use copy checker also improve their rankings on the web. Google and other search engines value content uniqueness.  Many of them punish websites that use copied content on their site.  That is why you must check text for originality to ensure that you’re not violating any search engine rules. Or else, your rankings will dramatically suffer on the web.

Educators and teachers also use the copy checker to find out if their students use stolen thoughts. They can discover who among their students are cheating on assignments, exams and research papers. With the tool, it is easier a for them to detect any plagiarism committed by their students.

Authors and bloggers also prevent plagiarism issues with our tool. The text plagiarism checker scans texts and looks for plagiarized or borrowed content that you failed at quoting or citing. By checking before publication, you can ensure that you’re not going to face any copyright issues with the author from who you borrowed the ideas in supporting your argument in your work.

How Text Checker Plagiarism Works

The text checker plagiarism works by scanning text and detecting any copied portions of the essay, research paper, news, reports, presentations, and studies. It does its job efficiently that it provides instant results. To use it, follow these steps.

  1.      Visit CopyChecker.net
  2.      Paste your text or type it in the box provided for checking.
  3.      Click the button to start checking a text.
  4.      Get the results.
  5.      See the full report by signing up for an account.
  6.      The tool also checks for grammar and writing issues. You can get ideas on how to improve your writing better with it. With the account, you can choose to or not follow the tool’s suggestions on the areas that need grammar improvement.


  •         Accuracy: The text checker plagiarism gives accurate results. It provides you with a quick overview of the areas that you need to improve regarding grammar and style. It also shows if you have copied portions or all of your content.
  •         Fast:  The checker takes only seconds to work! You don’t need to wait long before the results come out; thus, it can help you check several essays or papers in one day without you having to pay to check for originality.
  •         No download or installation: Use it right away without installing or downloading it on your PC or mobile device.


  •         Signup is required to get a full report on plagiarism and grammar.

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Online Checker for Plagiarism: Tips from the Experts

The online text checker for plagiarism is a useful tool to ensure your paper is original.  It helps you come up with a great and unique essay, report, and research paper, journal, a marketing document, brochure and web content. For the best results in writing an original paper, check out the following tips from the experts.

  • According to Virtual Salt, you must set small due dates for the different steps of writing the research paper. For example, it may also be effective to check for sections where you failed making citations.
  • WWW2 recommends using your own word and writing style, one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism.
  • PURDUE Owl recommends you can develop a topic about what’s already written, but you need to write something new or original about it.

Adding adjectives and adverbs to prevent plagiarism.

Mona Chalabi  says:
“If you’ve found a sentence that sounds smart you can make it (and in the process yourself) sound real extra smart by inserting an extra word.”

Using the text checker plagiarism helps you submit or publish unique content or essays, among other written documents. Follow the above on how to use it and learn from the expert tips to avoid plagiarism.

Start using our text originality checker and do amazing things today!